Abdifatah Ibrahim
Airin Bahmani
Habiba Ali
Javiera Marchant Aedo
Ye Yint Thet Zwe
Elvi Arminen
Ermin Zec
Najwan Atwan
Soroush Mehrabkhani
Rajkumar Sabanadesan
Rita Koivula
Sarkan Saber
Samira Azarqaderi

I Was A Refugee tells the story of former asylum seekers now settled in Finland. A collaborative effort, initiated by a local publishing company and resulting in a book, gave ex-refugees the opportunity to recount their journey. Fourty-one portraits were set alongside personally written accounts of the refugees’ experiences. All proceeds from sales of the book are donated toward refugee integration in Finland.

editor Markku Kähkönen
graphic design Anna-Mari Tenhunen
published by Kustantamo S&S, 2016